Grunge Vector Textures Vol. 1

Grunge vector textures vol. 1 is a set of grungey textures to add some tactile feel to your designs. You may have just created a fantasticly designed masterpiece that feels like it has something missing, it looks too flat, or too clean maybe?

Well, that’s where textures come in handy! This set includes PNG files that are 2000 pixels square at 300ppi. So even used in a raster file, these should look clear and crisp.

Each texture not only has the standard black PNG texture with transparent background, but included is also a white version of the same texture – also with a transparent background. The uses for these textures just doubled!

But wait there’s more! What more could be included you say?

Well, this texture pack comes with a free Extended Commercial License! Not only that, but you are free to use these however you want, on as many products as you want. The only limitation is that you do not sell them/give them away as they are, as textures.

I would really appreciate it if you could share a link back to this page for anyone that wishes to own this grunge texture pack themselves.

If you want to show me what you have created with them I would love to see the end result!

Here is a preview of the textures included.

Each one is a transparent PNG, and each texture shown also comes in a white version.