If you have downloaded or are considering downloading any of my free or premium items that are provided to you as a PDF file then you may need a program to be able to open PDF files to print, or even to edit if the file has been advertised as an editable PDF.

This article details how to download a free program called Adobe Reader that you can download from here. This program will allow you to open PDF files on your computer.

If you have any concerns about installing a program downloaded from the internet, Adobe is a well trusted and respected company. I recommend performing some research before installing if you have any concerns.


Step 1

Go to Adobe’s website to access the download page.

Step 2

On the download page, remove the ticks from the checkboxes under “Optional Offers” as pictured.

Adobe download page
Adobe download page

Step 3

Click on the “Install now” button, take note of the download size if you are on a limited internet connection.

Adobe download page
Adobe download page step 3

Step 4

The Adobe page will begin an “installing” progress bar and will notify you that you are now on step 2 of 3. Once the file has finished downloading, click on the file at the bottom of your page to activate your download.

Note: Some browsers may not look like this, in that case, you may have to go to you “Downloads” folder (or similar depending on if you have changed your default download location on your computer).

Adobe download page step 4
Adobe download page step 4

Step 5

The installer will then finish downloading the required files, and once finished you can leave the checkbox ticked and click “Finish” to open Adobe Reader instantly. Alternatively, you can remove the tick and just click “Finish” to open it when you next need the program.

Adobe download page
Adobe download page step 5

Step 6

You have finished installing the software on your computer that will enable you to open a PDF file. Now you can view your PDF files, and also edit them if they have been designed to do so.

Once you are ready, you can choose to print straight from Adobe Reader. The print dialogue should show you a preview of how your print will look, so fit to page and other settings may be of benefit to the overall look you are going for.

The other setting of note is selecting which pages you want to print. For example, if you are trying to print a calendar, you may only want to print 3 pages instead of the 12 or more pages that are included in the file. Simply choose which pages to print before clicking print.

Choosing to print either colour, grey-scale or black and white is also available in the print dialogue settings.


That is all there is to it, I hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask me.

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