How to make an income online through drawing sounds like an unrealistic expectation doesn’t it? Well, it’s not! There are many people all around the world that make their income online, and a large amount of those do so through drawing, painting, or other creative and artistic means.

One lady by the name of Nicky Laatz recently made her first $1,000,000 in sales on Creative Market alone. So how did she do that? By using her creative and artistic abilities to create digital products, by practicing her skills regularly and by learning which items are going to sell!

So how would you have any chance of becoming a huge success like Nicky has become? By using the same dedication and plan of action. By learning, by practicing, and then by practicing some more! Let’s go through some great places to help you learn how to make an income online through drawing.

Some great resources to help you learn how to make an income online through drawing

How to become an illustrator

A thorough and helpful blog post from Creative Market called gives enough detail to point you in the right direction without overwhelming you with information. A nice simple place to start reading about getting started and how to make an income online through drawing.

Nina Rycroft: picture book illustrator sharing skills

Nina provides easy to follow instructions in her Skillshare classes. In her classes, she will teach you not only how to draw, but also how to develop characters. I have really enjoyed Nina’s classes so far, and hope to take more of her classes soon!

How to Improve Your Sketching Skills in 30 Days: The Challenge

Another detailed blog post from Creative Market which aims to help improve your sketching skills in 30 days by providing a large list of tips. Some tips they provide are recommended styles to try and sketch, some others are certain sketching skills to try. A good post to follow along with on your journey learning how to make an income online through drawing.

Why You Should Start Your Design Process with Sketching

A post detailing some great reasons for beginning your design process with sketching before moving onto any other aspects of the design process. If you are planning on selling your illustrations online, you also need to learn other design skills to be able to market your products. So giving five minutes of your time to read this may be an advantage in your journey whilst learning how to make an income online through drawing.

Peggy Dean: Lettering and Illustration on Skillshare

Some fantastic courses available on Skillshare from Peggy Dean teaching you line drawing. With subjects such as botanical line drawing, succulent and cacti line drawings and even cityscape line drawings, there is sure to be something of interest to you. Even if this style of drawing is not your forte, there should be some skills you will find helpful learning how to make an income online through drawing. Peggy also teaches lettering classes if that interests you too.

How to Thrive as a Children’s Book Illustrator: An Interview with Jason Heglund

An interview with illustrator Jason Herglund. In this interview he explains how he became an illustrator, his creative design process and gives some tips to creatives hoping to become illustrators. While this isn’t specifically going to teach you any specific skills about how to make an income online through drawing, it is a good read, and can give you a few tips to think about.

How to Improve Your Workflow with Illustrator

At some point in your journey learning how to make an income online through drawing you will no doubt have to use digital imaging programs. Whether you follow the industry standard and go with Adobe products, or you use free options. This post I have previously written is aimed towards Adobe Illustrator, but the points mentioned can be useful for most digital imaging programs.


In conclusion

There are many informative sources out there to help you learn not only how to draw, but also how to then go on and use those drawings to create an income for yourself online. Skillshare is a great resource that I’ve found, you can start a free trial and learn an abundance of skills on there. Another great resource for video courses in; they provide quality courses with a huge variety of subjects (they are quite a bit more expensive than Skillshare though!). Creative Market has a great blog where creatives from around the world share tips and information.

If you find anything that has helped you please share it with us in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links that may earn a small reward for referring customers, this is to help cover the costs of running this website. However, all opinions are my own and I would not endorse any product that I do not personally recommend.

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