A hot trend right now is watercolor florals, so I decided to write a post that will help you to learn how to paint watercolor flowers easily yourself. There are many tutorials and youtube videos out there that can teach you to paint with watercolors, but I have had great success learning various skills from some authors on Skillshare. I am going to share with you some of the best short courses on Skillshare that I have personally watched while I have been learning how to paint watercolor flowers.

Skillshare has a free membership tier and also a premium membership tier. There are some great video courses available for free, but I have become a paid member because the skills I am learning are absolutely worth the small monthly cost. You can try out 1 month of premium membership for free using this link.

I am going to share with you some of the best short courses on Skillshare that I have personally watched while I have been learning how to paint watercolor flowers.

Learn to Paint Watercolor Florals

This short video course from Eva Verbeek is super quick at only 11 minutes long. Eva’s short course gives you a basic run-down on the materials she recommends, and most importantly, the creative process the uses to create beautiful watercolor florals. Eva also gives you some tips on blending colors and gradients. Eva’s course is great for a short introduction when you are first starting out learning to paint watercolor flowers.

Fun & Loose Watercolor Florals, Leaves, & Butterflies

Yasmina Creates has put together this great course that doesn’t just help you learn how to paint watercolor flowers the same as hers, she teaches you the skills to paint any flowers. The tips and skills Yasmina will teach you aren’t just for flowers, she also teaches you to paint foliage and butterflies. Most importantly though, these skills are easily transferable to other areas of learning how to paint with watercolors.

Anyone Can Watercolor: The Basics for Creating Magical Pieces

Another great course from Yasmina Creates, not specific to flowers, but is definitely a great starting point. This one provides you with advice for Yasmina’s recommended brushes, paper, and other mediums. In this course, she helps you to learn many techniques that will help you to understand the basics of painting with watercolor,  and how to achieve different styles. All of the skills Yasmina teaches in this course are able to be used while you learn how to paint watercolor flowers.

Wonderful Watercolor: Learn to Paint a Peony Wreath

Nic Squirrell teaches this course which walks you through her style of painting a watercolor floral wreath. A quick walkthrough of the tools she uses and you will notice she plans on adding more detail to her work than we saw previously in the loose style of watercolor painting. A very easy to follow video course with just enough guidance to not overwhelm you.

Watercolor Painting: Create Watercolor Flowers

In this 32 minute course Dan Li teaches us how to paint beautifully detailed watercolor flowers starting right from the beginning of her process. Starting with a reference picture, moving to sketching, then a run-down of techniques and painting the piece itself. This should be one you add to your collection to help you learn how to paint watercolor flowers. It is a great addition to the courses I’ve listed above –  practicing other artists’ different styles allows you to develop your own style.

Watercolor Rose

Louise De Masi has been a professional watercolor artist for over twenty years. In this course, she teaches you how to paint a very detailed and amazingly beautiful watercolor rose. The video course itself is much longer than the previous ones in this list, running for almost an hour. Just that in itself is telling of how detailed Louise’s process is. I definitely recommend taking the time to watch this, resources are provided so that you can follow along easily.

A watercolor flower I painted
A watercolor flower I painted, after being cleaned up in Photoshop

The artists I’ve mentioned above are not the only watercolor artists providing tutorials on Skillshare, these are the ones that I have found helpful so far. There are so many different styles and methods to painting with watercolor, as can be seen with the variety amongst just this small selection of artists. Developing your own preferred styles and methods will be much easier once you know the basics and then build on those in your own way. If there are any other great courses you have found that will help others learn how to paint watercolor flowers let us know in the comments!

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